Jack E. Brown Chemical Engineering BuildingThe Texas A&M University Student Chapter of AIChE is dedicated to providing its members with experiences beyond the usual classroom education.  As a professional society, we arrange opportunities for students to build a network of contacts in academia and in industry and to see the application of the Chemical Engineering degree in industry through plant trips.

As a student organization, we help develop leadership skills and give students the chance to improve their teamwork skills.

We are very proud of our college's curriculum and our professors. We also take great pride in our chapter. The 2012-2013 chapter was successful in continuing the excellent programs started in the past. The great generosity of our sponsors has allowed us to fulfill many  of our goals. Our chapter looks forward to the opportunity to improve on past accomplishments and introduce new opportunities for the members. With great people as officers along with superb industry cooperation, the 2013-2014 school year looks to be a great one.


AIChE Vision

AIChE provides leadership in advancing the chemical engineering profession as it meets the needs of society.


AIChE Mission

Promote excellence in the development and practice of chemical engineering.


Key Strategies

  • Providing forums to advance chemical engineering in theory and practice;
  • Providing opportunities for individual chemical engineers to enhance their professional skills and capabilities;
  • Upholding and advancing high professional standards and ethics;
  • Supporting excellence in education; and,
  • Increasing public understanding of the profession and its roles in resolving societal issues.


                                   AIChE Texas A&M University would like to thank our corporate sponsors:




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